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Fall Ducati garage day in Simsbury, CT.

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Hello all,

Another riding season is coming to an end and it is time for another get together to tinker, refresh worn out parts and make her whole again before you put her for winter hybernation.
There will be food, drinks, enough tools and know how to assist in performing simple maintenance and other mod/swaps. We will try to have certified Ducati tech on hand (Last event in spring, we had Steve from ECS) for advises and commentary.

Date : Sunday Oct. 18th 2009
Time: 11 AM til food runs out
place: Simsbury CT.

Please RSVP by Oct. 14th to [email protected] for head counts for food and I will forward detailed direction to my place. Also, Do let me know what kind of work you want to perform on your bike and make arrangement for parts to be on hand.

Chris Hwang