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Nope......or at least it won't look right. The 2002 Superbikes have the flat-side fairings on it. There are no vents. The 2001 and older have the huge vent in the upper side fairing, but there is also a smaller, intake vent that is shared on both the upper and lower fairings. You'll have to find a lower for the 2002 and later 748 and 998 bikes.

Edit - If you need a red one, here's one where the owner took the picture upside down and calls it an upper ("mid" fairing). From what I can tell, it is missing hte shared vent near the rear of the fairing, so it is the 2002 and later "flat-side" fairing....


Edit #2 - I checked the parts manuals for both the 2002 748 and the 2002 998, and each lower right fairing has the same part number, so......any 2002 lower fairing will work with it. Just for reference, here are the part numbers:

Red - 480.1.113.1AA
Yellow - 480.1.113.1AB
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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