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I'm thinking of selling my 998 Matrix to pick up another Duc.

Before I trade it in, I figured I'd see if anyone here is interested, but have
no honest approximation of the value of the bike. KBB and NADA are both
all over the planet, so what is the real deal.



PS: Getting a Monster S4Rs :D

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i shopped the matrix' really aggresively before i bought my bike. i found 5 of them and the price ranged from around 10ish to 13K, depending on mileage and condition. my dealer sold one for 12K with 800 miles, termis, mint condition. missed that one by a day :(

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raffyk said:
How many miles? What add ons? Condition?
Currently 792 one owner miles, but with warm days ...

(This is what happens when you buy a new bike, expand your businesses, and
build a new home all at once - something doesn't get used :( )


Protective film on front areas installed by Ducati dealer at purchase

Termi CF slip ons w/ DP 998 Termi CPU, Original Exh and CPU included

front gear down 1 tooth, rear up 2 teeth.

Cyclecat sliders - installed, never slid on ;)

Cyclecat handlebar sliders

Motowheels adjustable rearsets

Exhaust pipes under fairing wrapped with thermal tape

DP Carbon fiber exhaust shield, hugger, and swingarm protector

Low temp coolant (fan) switch properly installed

Stand/Neutral start switch mod installed.

Pitbull rear stand

Battery Tender

One of those greenlight trigger magnets (that doesn't work for me)

Parts to install a mono rear if you decided to - al frame - a mono
tailpiece that needs paint - all decals/bits/pieces to hook up a mono
tail right down to a new taillamp - all ducati - just need a mono SEAT.

Rear spring for heavier (225#) rider from Ohlins along w/ the original spring.

That's about it.

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