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EXVL 23.5 Exhaust valve motor error

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today morning, 4 deg. clsius air temp.
started after 4 full attempts. I start to get used to that )))

i always let it warm up to 45 deg. and then go.

after 3 minutes, check engine - EXVL 23.5, i realised it's about the exup and i said it's nothing serious and i left.

common shit? i didn't had the time to make any checks after arriving at job.

will the code erase itself if that was just a temporary issue?
what is all about this mechanism, i mean i know what is it doing there, but i didn't knew it's motor that runs that valve on and off, where is controlled from? ECU obviously, but how? i mean, can i test it to see if is functioning if i rev it on the kickstand?

EXVL 23.5 Exhaust valve motor error