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SouthsideDuc said:
I'm sure you know the routine as much as anyone here. Extended warranties always bring more money than they send out. That said, $890 for three extra years seems like not a bad deal if you plan to keep the bike for that long.

But, is this a straight up extenstion of the factory warranty (good) or is it an aftermarket type deal (bad)? If it's aftermarket, look very closely at what is and is not covered.

This just isn't always true! It's wrong to generalize like this.

I bought a 5 year extended warranty/service contract from an aftermarket provider for my 2002 ST4s, for about $750. A lot of people said the contract had so many exclusions that it wasn't worth it. They were all wrong!

Within the first year, the contract covered over $1,000 of replacement parts and labor! It paid for...

  • a replacement valve cover (due to a broken tab)
  • a new fuel level assembly (the old one was WAY off!)
  • a new LCD display (the old one started flickering badly)
  • a DP ECU to replace the stock ECU (the stock was causing starting problems)
  • a new starter solenoid (fused during one of the bad starting problems)

My extended warranty has paid for itself and then some and I have another 3 years of coverage left on it. If I looked too closely at the exclusion, I wouldn't have bought it and I'd be considerrably poorer than I am now!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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