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Turbo said:
This just isn't always true! It's wrong to generalize like this.

I bought a 5 year extended warranty/service contract from an aftermarket provider for my 2002 ST4s, for about $750. A lot of people said the contract had so many exclusions that it wasn't worth it. They were all wrong!

Within the first year, the contract covered over $1,000 of replacement parts and labor! It paid for...

  • a replacement valve cover (due to a broken tab)
  • a new fuel level assembly (the old one was WAY off!)
  • a new LCD display (the old one started flickering badly)
  • a DP ECU to replace the stock ECU (the stock was causing starting problems)
  • a new starter solenoid (fused during one of the bad starting problems)

My extended warranty has paid for itself and then some and I have another 3 years of coverage left on it. If I looked too closely at the exclusion, I wouldn't have bought it and I'd be considerrably poorer than I am now!
Can you tell me what company your extended warranty is with? I have a 2006 999R and I'm interested in an extended warranty for it. Any information you can provide is appreciated. Thanks.
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