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Hey to everyone from the U.K!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on a new and exciting company based in Birmingham.

Ive typed a few words about us below, if you have any questions or comments let me know. Check out our website at www.exotic-moto.com



Exotic Moto's aim is simple, it is to provide top quality products at affordable prices, so far my range of products range from carbon fibre fenders to performance parts and much more.
Exotic Moto will commit to adapting and expanding with the industry, ensuring that our product line is always current, and providing first class customer care that exceeds all expectations of consumers. We always ensure that our product line is changing to reflect advancements in the world of motorcycles, and that we always provide the most current products.
Through the constant updating and refining of our corporate ecommerce webstore, Exotic Moto will give consumers an easy to navigate, comprehensive environment in which their shopping experience will be interactive and enjoyable. Our customer satisfaction will be top priority.

We decided to specialise in Italian Sportsbikes as I found a dip in the market for these parts. And I like to distribute in these parts due to having great knowledge of them and being a point of interest to me.
Our product line consists of only top quality name brand parts made by leading manufacturers.We carry only the highest rated parts and accessories for motorcycle needs. Exotic Moto strives to provide the very best not only in product quality, but in first class customer service.

What makes Exotic Moto different to the rest is that it is run by a bike enthusiast who uses these products you see on the website on a daily basis, and is proud to be able to distribute in them. Who better to advise and trust than someone who is willing to use these products on his own bike's, and not find anything to fault with them!
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