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Exhaust System Info Needed Please

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for info about an exhaust system on a 900SS that I'm thinking about buying. Attached are a couple of pictures of it on the bike.

I'm wondering if it's really a Termignoni full system? I have owned a 96 900SS/SP since 1998 and it has the exact same "silencers" on it, which I understand were Ducati Performance, aka GioCaMoto, at the time. I know it's fully possible Termi supplied the parts for it.

Also, I looked in the 91-98 Ducati Performance official accessory catalog and the headers look identical to one in the catalog, leading me to think that it's not Termignoni and just Ducati Performance/GioCaMoto, unless of course what I said above is true.

No big deal, just looking for info from the collective knowledge of the forum since it seems like info for this sort of thing is increasingly hard to find . . .




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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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