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I had my 2014 1200S in the dealer to diagnose a pretty significant rattle that would happen during deceleration and idle (not constant). At first I was 99% sure it was an engine issue, I am thankful they whittled it down to a rattle in the midpipe.

Currently, my bike has the Termi slip-ons with the upmap installed, but the midpipe remained stock (it was not the full kit) from what I can tell. I bought the bike used.

I already disconnected the servo motor a few hundred miles ago and it didn't help, I'm assuming because the upmap already software disables the flapper valve and leaves it open all the time.

Does anyone know of a cheaper midpipe that is plug and play with the stock headers and termi's?

I don't mind getting my hands dirty and taking the bike apart a bit to fix the flapper (remove it entirely).

The dealership wants $680 to replace it with the OEM part which seems rather pointless when I've seen cheaper aftermarket solutions that remove the servo so this issue never comes back.

Any assistance would be welcome!
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