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exhaust bung thread incompatible with Dynojet

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I took my 999R in for a complete dyno tune with a well known tuner a couple days ago. Last year I installed a full Corsa Leo Vince Ti system and since then the bike has not been running as it should. Mainly power lags at WOT upshifts. I installed a PC and with no matching maps on the website I tried various others without success. I managed one and made fuel ratio adjustments for a slight improvement, needless to say the bike needed professional help.

I got a call from the tuner with the bad news his Dynostar probe for some reason would not screw into the threads at the exhaust bung sites. He did manage to get a hook up with one of the cylinders and proceeded ahead anyway because unlike a Harley twin the configuration of the Ducati exhausts (I believe assemetrical was the term) allowed him to move forward. He found a few maps on the PC website even though he told me he has only found two PC maps in 14 years working with the PC that were near perfect. Not perfect but near enough to make further improvements. He was lucky enough to locate a map for a 999R with the full Leo Vince exhaust so he used that as his base map. Don't know if it was the Corsa system or the Evol or even if that makes a difference, but he was able to take out the annoying lag issues I was having and produce a decent power curve with further pulls on the dyno. I told him my main objective was to fix the lag issues and if he did that I would be satisfied with the result.

So my question is to those with the Leo Vince full exhaust, in particular the Corsa exhaust, has your tuner advised of difficulty getting a bung thread hook up with their dynos?
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