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My ST4S has certainly been set up for comfort and I want to push it in the other direction as I fancy a track day or two next year. I've already raised the rear as recommended on here and it seems to handle reasonably but the front end feels far too soft. I've just checked and there is 13 mm of sag with the bike sitting with its own weight and 44 mm of sag with me on-board. Even winding the preload caps down all the way only reduced this to 37 mm :mad: I weigh approx 75 kg/175 Ib which I dont consider excessive so I am assuming the fork springs have been changed from stock? I'll be tearing the suspension down over the winter but in the mean-time it seems I need to start looking for some stronger springs. Funds are tight at the moment so does anyone know if springs off a 916/996 would work OK?


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