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The early STs were known for "mushy" brakes. The brakes worked fine but the lever travel was excessive and feel was mushy. Some owners upgraded to a master cylinder with a larger piston (I put a Nissan on my '98 ST2).

The first step would be to buy some new fluid and bled the brakes per instructions that you can find by doing a search here.

What condition are your brake lines in? You might consider upgrading to braided stainless steel if you don't have them already. (They came OEM on the '02 ST4s, not sure about the ST4.)

If you break the seal on your OEM lever (it's hot glue) don't move the screw very far. You run the risk of blocking the return passage in the master. That could result in a locked front brake. A search should give you more details.

My '02 ST4s came with great brake feel. I haven't had to do a thing.

Jeff in Colorado
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