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Bart here. Firstly, thanks. I've been using your collective knowledge for some time. This place has always provided answers to get me back to work.

Tennessee wayback. Crooked driveway to two lane twisty 11 miles to nearest traffic light - if I make the mistake of going that direction…

We rescued the 748L at 627 miles, two years old, way out West, from a living room! It will pass 35,000 'off the leash' miles soon.

On the flight home from a rented in Milan ST4s I got the message 'find one & buy it next week'. We got to do our first 2up track day on that bike. File:Autodromo Riccardo Paletti AKA Varano (Italy) track map -- full circuit.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She settled for a red '07 ST3s.

The KLR is for waay off the beaten path birding & wildflowering. Huh?

The S1000RR is my 69th birthday present. I suspect there is some subsurface message there...
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