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EVR anti-clank for 2001 ST4

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Will the EVR anti-clank work on the ST4 or is it just for the ST2 and ST4s? If it does, is it worth it.


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Hmmm. Anti clank, not likely. They were model specific and the ST4 clanks less than any other Ducati. Anti-crunch or an Anti-spin would be a better choice. You’d need to purchase a 70NM phosenhammer to install the Anti-clank, and we all know those are crazy expensive!

Sorry:D, couldn’t help myself, but what are you talking about?
LOL! Hot damn, they really exist! I googled it.

EVR Anti-Clank Vented Pressure Plate for Ducati Dry Clutches - Clutches - Street Parts - SoloMotoParts.com - Motorcycle Parts, Accessories and Gear

No. That's freaking nuts. That would fit any dry clutch Ducati, but for the same money you can get a new Barnet replacement clutch pack and use one of your old plates to do the quite clutch mod, which works very well. If you don’t need a clutch yet, post in the classifieds that you looking for a few old plates for the mod. You'll almost certainly get a response.

The quiet clutch mod is simple, and free if you have an extra plate.
I can't disagree with that. They look nice. I’ve found EVR also sells just the normal plate that looks about the same for less money. There is a video floating around that shows this thing doesn’t really make much of a difference to the clanking. The quiet clutch mode does do the trick though, and as a bonus, your plates will actually need to be replaced because the friction material wears out and not because the thing has beat itself silly for 10 or 15K miles and you now not only need plates, but the basket is junk too!

I put in a new clutch (whole deal basket, plates, hub) @ 26K miles, along with the quite clutch mod. I’m pushing 40K and the clutch is a bit rough lately. You know the squeal and groan. Grabby too. I pulled it apart to clean it last weekend. The plates are getting pretty thin, but the tangs and basket still look great. First time in almost 90K miles on two Ducatis that I will put a set of new plates in the bike without also needing to replace the basket! A big plus to that mod.
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