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EVR anti-clank for 2001 ST4

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Will the EVR anti-clank work on the ST4 or is it just for the ST2 and ST4s? If it does, is it worth it.


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I installed the full EVR basket & plate combo with the anti clank pressure plate last year. I had came from the quiet clutch mod. The new set up is very noisy in comparison to the quiet clutch mod. The anti clank pressure plate will do nothing to take the clack away. What it will remove is the groan on ingagement. This combination is the smoothest engaging clutch that I have experienced on anything that I have operated, but with all the clatter at idle it propably won"t last for long. The quiet clutch mod is the best bang for the buck (quiet & basket wear stops).

04 ST4s (99,000km)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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