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EvoTech tail tidy mounting with DP rear rack

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Anybody managed this?
The rack was already on the bike when I got it and is way to useful to remove. I recently bought the Evotech sight unseen.
The plate mount is fine but the indicator relocating bar is a problem as it goes where the rack bolts on
The only way I can see of mounting it is by machining the rack mount down a few mm (under where the bolts thread thru) to allow it to fit underneath.
I'm a little wary of taking any material off the rack given the reports of it failing, tho' I would think that this specific area takes little stress.
Any other options?
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I have the evotech, with the rack on 2-1-2 termis, pm me with your e-mail, will send pics
all good
just slip it under the rack hex bolts
the rack sits a fraction higher 2mm
face the hump in the middle of the blinker bracket down
you will see if you face it up it won't fit it hits the rack mountings
still arrowing the bracket rear wards the blinkers still fit just push them in and line up the hex bolt on the blinker bracket

remember to measure everything with a tape measure for correct centering as the rack can be moved around on its mounting

i fitted mine to day
do you need images ?
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Won't that make the seat locking mechanism that bolts onto the front part of the rack stem sit up by the same amount though? Which would mean the rear of the seat would be forced up?
Images would be useful if you've got the time to spare
no just checked it

the bracket goes under the front bolts where the rack sits on the frame
this raises the front mounts of the rack about 2mm

the two front bolts that hold the seat mounting screw plate are unchanged
only the front rack hex screws that go inside the rack are lifted about 2mm

will take photos tomorrow its 11.00 pm @ night here
all good Shane
EvoTech tail tidy mounting with DP rear rack images of blinker bracket

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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