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I was going to install an Evoluzione clutch slave that I got from Mark over at wounded Duc but there seems to be some parts missing (Bearing and rubber seals). I emailed him and I am sure he will make it right, but I have a question about the install. The stock part seems to have a lip that extends past the flange of slave and creates a tight fit to the engine case. The Evoluzione is just machined flat. I assume the rubber seals and the bearing take up the difference in space? Thanks in advance.

I was lucky that I previously ordered an upgraded piston and I was able to install that into the original clutch slave and get the bike going for a quick ride. I could not believe how messed up the stock piston was. All gooked up and leaking all over. The tip from Deadguy and several other members worked like a charm! Just crack open the top banjo bolt and let out the air!
Yes, it sounds like there are a couple missing parts. I got mine from LT and it came in a little foam block that had a bit in each recessed portion (of said foam block). Don't worry about the machined bottom, it seals just fine. Just follow the included install instructions and you should be good.

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