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Hey guys, looking for some sage advise.

I bought the Evo clutch salve less than a year ago and shortly after installing it, it began to leak slightly. I'm a fair mechanic and followed the instructions exactly and have tried cleaning and re-installing, changed the crush washers but with no result. Then found that the bearing

Here is part of a note I sent to my Evo supplier telling about the failure:

"This past Saturday, I disassembled it again to have another look and
this time when I took off the clutch slave housing, I was shocked to see that the bearing on the inside had completely failed. The outer ring looked like it had shredded and the ball bearings were floating around freely. I can't imagine what or how that is possible as the bearing doesn't seem to actually do anything. Anyway, I had all the bits and will send you a picture of the bearing so you can see what I'm talking about."

This is the response from Evo:

"the only way for the bearing to be damaged like that is a spinning
pushrod due to a bad clutch pressure plate bearing. our bearing will
survive for a while (the stock slave cylinder will fail within
seconds) but will eventually fail - at that point it will then damage
the slave cylinder as well. since the failure is not caused by a fault
of our slave cylinder it is not covered under our 10 year warranty. we
do offer a special price for customers that have had this failure if
your customer is interested.
what ever your customer decides, make sure he replaces the clutch
pressure plate bearing and thoroughly inspects the pushrod. otherwise
he will end up damaging the new slave cylinder right away."

Is Evo blowing smoke up my ass with the pressure plate bearing theory or is he bang on the money? I haven't ever had to check the pressure plate bearing...is that a big job?

Something in the note from my supplier to Evo (he cc'd me) triggered a little suspicion: the e-mail was short and went like this, "> Hi guys,
> Have a client below with a familiar problem with one of your Ducati slaves.
> Please advise on what can be done."

Thanks guys.

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Evo is correct and being straightforward with you. The pushrod should rotate freely but shouldn't spin continuously. A common problem is when the pressure plate bearing seizes it spins the push rod continuously and will eventually cause the slave bearing to fail. Pull the pressure plate and replace the bearing. All will be well again.
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