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Any help with this issue would be mighty appreciated: 2005 749 biposto 12,000miles
I rode it yesterday’s ran fine. Came out to it today and the yellow light was on so I checked for faults and came across efi error 2.1, any ideas where I should go from here?

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749/999 Error Codes

1.1 TPS Disconnected
1.2 TPS short circuit to earth
2.1 Pressure Sensor short circuit to power supply
2.2 Pressure Sensor shorted to earth
3.1 Water Temp Sensor shorted to power supply
3.2 Water Temp Sensor shorted to earth
4.1 Air Temp Sensor shorted to power supply
4.2 Air Temp Sensor Shorted to earth
5.1 Battery Hi
5.2 Battery Lo

10.1 Hor. Coil shorted to power supply
10.2 Hor. Coil shorted to earth
11.1 Ver. Coil shorted to power supply
11.2 Ver. Coil shorted to earth
12.1 Inj1 shorted to power supply
12.2 Inj1 shorted to earth
13.1 Inj2 shorted to power supply
13.2 Inj2 shorted to earth
14.1 Inj3 shorted to to power supply
14.2 Inj3 shorted to earth
15.1 Inj4 shorted to powersupply
15.2 Inj4 shorted to earth
16.0 Pump Relay
17.1 LH Fan shorted to poer supply
17.2 LH Fan shorted to earth
18.1 RH Fan shorted to power supply
18.2 RH Fan shorted to earth
19.1 Starter Solenoid shorted to power supply
19.2 Starter Solenoid shorted to earth

30.0 ROM/Eprom error
34.0 Signal Panel Sensor
36.0 Speed sensor
37.0 Immobiliser (transponder)
37.1 Immobiliser (antenna)
37.2 Immoiliser (instrument panel serial driver)
37.3 Immobiliser (serial cable disconnected)
37.4 Immobiliser (ccm serial drive)
37.5 Immobiliser (key not recognised)
37.6 Can Line error
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