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So My speedo starting playing up yesterday. Just started looking like the needle was loose for about 5 kms then progressed to either hovering around the right speed or dropping to half speed for another 20kms then progressed to nothing by about 60kms. For the rest of the 250km ride no speed registered at all. Ok I thought, the speedo cable has broken, ok I will fix that this coming week.

Well I pulled the cable off the speedo drive, I managed to run the speedo by spinning the cable around with my fingers. Ok well its not the cable. Bugger off comes the front wheel to inspect the speedo drive. Pulled the drive off and connected the cable. Used a screwdriver to spin the speedo drive. All good as the speedo registered the speed I was spinning the drive.

I inspected the drive ring in the wheel. Rotates anti clockwise but not clockwise as expected as it should be driving the drive unit clockwise. Oh well put the wheel back together and spun the front wheel and nothing. What the?? At this stage I thought bugger it, seek some wisdom from the wise ones and think again in the morning.

So members, any ideas??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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