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I have 750 miles on my 1199S. The last time I rode, the familiar catchy, creaking clutch handle feel (like my 996, and 916 developed) occured with my 1199. After cooling down the symptom lessened. It continued with the engine off and cooled down. I could hear it creaking internally.
On another forum there is a post concerning the same issue as reported to and by several dealers in the UK. Ducati has apparently addressed the situation and suggested that the fix is to Scotch Brite the slave piston, thus reducing the diameter. It seems the clearance between the piston and cylinder is incorrect and with the addition of heat they swell enough to make, in some cases , it almost impossible to pull in the clutch.
My dealer in Oregon has not had any reports as yet. He has only delivered two 1199's. I can see this taking weeks for thedealer to have this remedied.
Anyone know of an aftermarket slave available for the 1199 yet?
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