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engine oil levels

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according to the manual it is meant to be checked when the engine is cold.
After peaking into the sightglas when the bike is supported on the center stand i get somewhat confused when the oil is above the two low/high marks. it is meant to be between those two marks. However the manual doesent say anything about high level of engine oil, only to top up the level if the oil is low leved.
The bike has been pretty much perfectly balanced when checking the oil level at this time.

It is funny because few days back i thought the engine oil was low and i was almost completely certain about it being at the low mark when leaving the bike on the center stand, with the help of a spirit level.

Anything i should be concerned about?
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Maybe when you saw the oil level low, you didn't give it enough time after shutting the motor off to allow all the oil to drain into the pan? The oil level should be between the two marks, preferably more toward the upper mark than the lower mark.
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