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Engine Numbers

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I have two 748 engines, the first is in my 2000 748 and the second one I bought to rebuild.
I believe they are both year 2000 engines.

Numbers are:
1/. ZDM 748W4014464
2/. SB 3Y014799

Questions are:
1/.why are the engine numbers so different?
2/. Which engine was built first?

The reason I ask is the second engine does have the later steel plug in the crank oil gallery and the first one as it's still in the bike I don't know and Ducati can't tell me.

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yeah, it smelt a bit like sellers bullshit to me too, but you never know. maybe it has 88mm pistons in it?
Received the Adige DU-112 clutch kit today and the dimensions are correct for my basket. It is listed as an original replacement for 2004-on 620,696 and 800. While you're here am not sure if the seller was BS-ing me that this motor will go 12k miles between valve adjustments. It has over 40K on it and is within 1k of his recommended interval and it runs strongly. What is your advice?
i would check them every 10 - 12,000km, which is 6,000 - 7,500 miles i think. up to you. they do settle down over time if the collets are not replaced, and you can extend the interval.
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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