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EMSDUC excellent service!!

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Hi all,

Been a while since I posted anything on here, but I just have to share my excellent experience in dealing with Mike @ EMSDUC.

My 08 Monster S4RS Tricolore was due for a timing belt and valve job, now this was my second go around with the belts..so no big deal, but the valves, oh dear! lol

After reading some of this sites precious wisdome I dove in head first, ordered the shim kit with mod. openers and MBP collets from EMSDUC...well after few days of chasing my tail and almost going F...nuts, I sent Mike a request for help on Easter Sunday, excpectiing an answer on Monday. To my surprise I recieved an responce 20min. later!!

And after a few e-mail exchanges, my confidence restored I pushed ahead and his help was invaluble and made the rest of the job a much smoother process! (patience is still required)

In the end I needed to swap some shims with him, so again Mike suggested which shim I would probably not need. So I sent him those and within 5 days my replacment shims had arrived from California to my door in Canada!

I appologize for the long winded e-mail, but to sum it up, Mike at EMSDUC is top notch as a tech resource and his Customer service is and exemplary and his shipping is Desmo Fast >:)

Keep the rubber side down

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Mike really is a first class guy, nice to see someone post a positive review when they are happy with a vendor.
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