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Hi all, I'm new to the board and have been lurking around since I purchased my new SF! I have been experiencing a low rpm fuel issue as well... I emailed DNA about this and received this response:
Dear Mr. Liberatos,

Thank you for contacting Ducati North America.

We are sorry to learn of the concern you are experiencing with your Ducati Streetfighter. There is a new mapping (from the original) available for the Streetfighter ECU. If you would like, please provide the name of the dealership you are working with and Ducati North America will ensure that the Regional Service Manager contacts the dealership to assist them in addressing the concerns you are experiencing with your motorcycle.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us or your Authorized Ducati Dealership.

Best regards,

Customer Service

DUCATI North America

I will be fowarding this email to my dealer tomorrow, looks like we will have a fix with no money out of pocket! (I hope) This should shed some light that DNA is aware of the problem...


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I have a feeling they are talking about the reflash of the original ECU map that the first SFs were sold with.

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I would have to agree...if they had an updated reflash I think we would have heard about it by now, especially those of us who complained long and hard to DNA about the fueling issue...
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