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My 02 monster 750 had problems starting a few weeks back. It would click, then nothing would happen when I pressed the button. I let it sit for a while. Then it fired up easily.

I rode to work one day. It cranked in the morning but wouldn't crank in the afternoon. I assumed it was the battery. So i called the dealer and had them charge one for me. I picked it up the next day and the bike cranked up like normal again. I rode the bike about 100 miles over the weekend.

a few days later it cranked up and I rode to work. It wouldn't crank again that afternoon. The starter would click but it wouldn't fire.

I smelled battery when I stopped at a light a few days later. It rode fine otherwise. Kinda made me nervous.

And the gas light came on early for a second too. Im at 83 miles, it usually comes on around 95ish+. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I checked the battery its at 14v at 3k rpm. And my battery connections look perfect. According to the electrical fault finding diagram pdf, my electrical system is ok.

I also checked the plug going into the regulator, it looks fine. I checked the sensor coming out of the front left side of the case, looks like it goes from the stator to the regulator, it looked fine too.

How much do independent shops charge per hour for diagnosis? haha
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