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IMO, if they are going to continue putting two dissimilar classes of machines in the same race then, to be fair, treat them as two entirely separate classes. For example, have a Prototype classification and CRT classification with a "first in race" winner and a "first in class" winner. Let the CRT boys at least have the chance to be on the top of their pile. If safety is truly an issue (which Colin spoke of) then work out separate practice and qualifying schedules and wear out the slower rider "blue flag" throughout the whole time the two classes are on track together. If it's going to work then DORNA has to do what it takes to make it work. So far, or so it seems, their only goal has been to fill the grid dangling the "come race in Motogp!" carrot without really thinking the particulars through. Thank you, Colin for being the first within the paddock to finally point out that the Emperor ain't wearing any clothes.
No disrespect, but I think Stoner said it already, & gave them Dorna the divorce finger sometime ago. Spies is probably of the same opinion.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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