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Recently, there have been some folks claiming to be able to unlock and repair the U59 ECU's fitted to many Ducatis.
Most of these outfits seem to be in the UK, so I was wondering if there were any listers who had any actual experience with any of them, or knew of anybody who has.
I guess until just recently, the whole thing was more voodoo than science, so I suppose I'm a bit skeptical, but I have a couple of ECU's that are pretty much useless otherwise, so what the heck...
Any info positive or negative would be greatly appreciated.

I have a reply e-mail from Avanti Race Parts stating that they may be able to help me with my ECU's. They list their location as being "in the UK", with no further info on the website. That doesn't instill a great deal of confidence in me.
Any dealings with them?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Houston, TX USA
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