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got this email from ecs (european cycle services) in middletown, ny. no relation, yadda yadda. but it's where i go for major services and i thought the winter seminars might possibly be of interest to some here:

Looking for some motorcycle related fun this winter?
Look no further! European Cycle Services is now hosting
our first season of motorcycle maintenance courses.

With 60 years of combined mechanical expertise,
it is sure to be a great learning experience.

As of right now we will be hosting 3 Events:

The Ducati Experience
November 21-22
$190.00 / Person
This event will cover Basic Maintenance, 2V Valve Adjustment
4V Valve Adjustment and Suspension Setup.
It also includes lunch both days.

Turf and Surf
December 12-13
$190.00 / Person
This event will cover Basic Maintenance and Suspension Setup on day 1.
Day 2 will be a learn to make Sushi Course followed by a Sushi Feast!
Day 1 includes lunch.

Real Service
January 23-24
$120.00 / Person / Day
$190.00 / Person for two days
This event will be 2 Ducati full services.
We are going to bring in a willing victim's bike
and perform a full service. We have a 4V bike doner
already. Anyone want to chance their 2V?
Day 1 will be a 2V Full Service
Day 2 will be a 4V Full Service
Both days include lunch.

Reserve your spot early!
We will cap all events at 20 people.
Please call Jay or Steve at
845-725-7707 to enroll.

If you have any special requests on a
specific service topic please let us know!

Jay, Steve and Sean
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