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Have been getting to know an 899 Panigale. Pretty promising. :nerd:


Experienced a pretty bad surging, when on steady or trailing throttle, noticed especially when going into corners. It threw everything off to the point I doubted the bike.

NOTE: Not typical EBC question - manual stuff. For the other helpful posts on this topic - thank you! Got me through rough times. Also, bike has blip box pro installed - maybe a factor.

So, not everything figured out, but in my scenario, it turned out that turning EBC off basically solved all the problems. Giving quick visibility that turning EBC off can be worth a try & a legitimate option - and not necessarily because you are in love with engine braking.

More details:
Recently got the bike. Shagged tires, only in the middle from freeway riding? Weird... lol. It's in the shop, getting new ones now.

This really rough fueling occurred when coming off throttle, bucking off & on again. Thought it must not be related to traction control, which would be when throttle on. So, maybe it's EBC? Tried EBC 3, as that gives the least. Not much change. Dang. Man, this sucks, I know the bike is so much better.

Tried EBC off, just for the heck of it. Fixed it. Like it was so bad, I was revving the engine high enough all the time that the temperature was higher. All the balance was gone. Turning EBC off changed it completely. Can ride fast or slow, & enjoy.

Like: this is a Ducati. It just wants to go into corners, hold it there, smooth clutch action, life is good.

Only downside, is I can't use the auto blipper, which is a feature I loooove. But for the moment, it's good, for the moment, I don't care.

Can't say enough about the 899. You already know.
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