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I will say that shipping was very quick after production was complete took about 3 weeks from payment until I had them. The quality is for sure lacking in some areas. Paint has some flaws but unless your a true perfectionist it should not bother you.

Upper Fairing : This went on and lined up pretty easy however required the use of some different bolts to mount to the fairing stay as the molded bolt holes were a smaller size then factory. The Windscreen attached with no issues.

Front Fender : Drilling of the holes to make larger was required but lined up nicely after that was done.

Mid Fairings : Again some drilling of the holes to make slightly larger fixed any and all fit problems easy.

Lower Fairings : More drilling for reasons mentioned before and some pretty heavy drilling to allow the drip tube to pass through and be secured between the two lower pieces.

Tail Fairing: This is the one part I can honestly say I'm not happy with at all. Its impossible for it to clip into the plastic fairing that is on the bottom of your tail. There is about a 1/8inch gap the whole way around, I will re visit this when I have more time see if I can't think of a solution. Also the adapting to the factory taillight was impossible without drilling strait though to the trunk and using a smaller bolt/nut combination to get some torque on it. Also the lock to release the rear cowl is useless now and does not mount in the correct direction. I will be putting black tape along to front of the cowl to ensure it does not come up while riding although it didn't budge at 60mph.

Overall: I've had these type of fairings before on my 600RR from Auctmarts which appears to no longer be in business. This set required much more work to make fit will but paint and finish was about the same. I wouldn't recommend if you want to win any bike shows but for me going to the track/street and expecting a few lay downs they are a much better option then factory or race set w/o headlights. I give a 7/10 with factory being 10/10.

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