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Easy way to bring my Hyper with me everywhere.

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I have modified my MotoTote bike carrier to better fit my 4Runner. I have also grown to really appreciate the T-Rex Trailer Restraints.

In reality, if someone had a small trailer, the trailer restraints would work as well.

There is zero movement of the bike with the restraints. The tie downs are snug but don't compress the forks. A back up means of securing the bike.

The light weight Hyper makes for very easy and secure loading.

So, easy to bring the Hyper with me on my travels. No trailer to mess with. Easy fit into any parking spot.

Motel nights are safe because I cover the bike with an Aerostich cover. Right on the car. Out of sight, out of mind.
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Looks solid. I was also looking at the mototote single bike carrier but I think I want to upgrade SUV's from my CRV before I put that much on the hitch alone.
If I change to a small car, I would modify the Mototote by adding torsion suspension and wheels, making a sideways trailer.

With most small SUVs and cars, the total length still fits parking stalls. Mush shorter than the huge 4 door pickups.
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