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The Dude
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As if E10 wasn't bad enough, E15 will soon be the standard as car companies can comply. In the meantime, 10 car makers will not cover their warranties if you use this trash which is now available in 3 states.

We have non-ethanol gasoline available in many places in SC but, I know many states aren't so lucky. In any case, keep the E15 out of your motorcycle and any car built before 2012.

Warnings Not to Use

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Other than the 10 companies that say they will not cover warranties , the OTHER companies don't cover their vehicles warranty anyways....

I have a FLEX FUEL 2010 F-150 . first thing I did was to remove the flex fuel medallion...

Gov't in bed with BIG BUSINESS , CORN and OIL industry slyly putting it to consumers who are ignorant of the facts . AND blatantly putting it to the consumers who are AWARE of the FACTS...

WHY OH WHY doesn't the farmers and trucking companies use ethanol exclusively...for fuel if they are making a fortune producing it????

We had better squawk long and loud if there is an about face in the future.

So much wasted fuel, Garbage hauling one way return with an EMPTY Trailer, 100's of miles hauling a less than full load of a 53' trailer when a much smaller truck would do...

Solution: give people a choice which fuel to burn ...

And why doesn't the oil companies use additives that counteract the problems the "NEW FUELS" cause???

The world according to MONSANTO ... is a show to watch to see how BIG BUSINESS gets pornographic with the Gov't and how they go about getting laws squashed or made to suit their EVIL ways...

Mr Leakered
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But, it's going to be pretty much a decade until most of the car fleet has turned if all new models were built to tolerate E15. As E15 is an option, E10 pumps will be there for us.

Honestly though, a couple more drought seasons and a bit more education to the sheeple might get all this ethanol BS straightened out. I saw a headline that freight traffic on the Miss is restricted due to drought.

Have a good one.
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