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I am considering to buy a "cheap" set of race fairings here in China.
These are the guys promoting the fairings on e-bay through Hong Kong.

Top fairing with closed light-holes, side fairings with the upper venting hole closed (like 998), and the rear again with the light-holes closed. All in a Bayliss replica to match up my original as much as possible.

However, one question: I want to use and fit my (original Ducati) carbon belly-pan to these 996 side fairings.
I was just wondering if people have done this before (I guess so:D) and what I need to do to make it fit.

I will get the unpainted fairings first to fit everything (so I can cut and dremel if needed), will then return them to have them painted and fitted with decals.

Appreciate any advise.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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