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Has anyone tried their wines ?


CorsaVino founder Arun Sharma is devoted to Italian motorcycles. These fine machines are for him the embodiment of craftsmanship, artistry and savoring the moment.

Originally "not much of a drinker," many trips to Italy exposed Arun to the passion of winemaking and the ritual of slowing down to share a fine wine with friends.

The Italian winemakers' obsession with detail and the quality of each component - all ultimately for the purpose of enjoying life - resonated deeply with his appreciation for Italian motorcycles. Thus inspired, it was an unforeseen but natural journey to blend these shared passions... and capture them in a bottle.

Determined to preserve classic traditions in his Pacific Northwest home, Arun sought out acclaimed winemaker Rich Cushman, vintner and regional consultant of over 25 years, renowned as much for his award winning wines as his warmth as a person. Proposing the idea, Arun discovered Cushmans mutual love for Italian motorcycles - and thus CorsaVino was born.

We are proud to pour this product of passion into your glasses.

Please savor it with your friends. Enjoy the fine things in life.

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