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ducati trailer for one bike?

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is it better to make one/buy one? and which do you guys reccomend?

thanx for all the help... i'd love to load on my tacoma but the tailgate is 4 ft off the ground(i use to drive my yfz450 up it, that was fun)
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I have seen enclosed trailers from Lowes for 5-6k or less( it's been awhile since my wife has allowed meto go back to Lowes...long story and it hurt the pocket book)the back door will lay down for a very sturdy ramp. Also with a few "L" brackets from Lowes you can hard mount a tool boxes, bolt in some tie downs and now you have a trailer for all types of scooters and a trailer.

I kinda went off track with this but it is an idea for you should you purchase instead of build.
yikes 5-6k!!!! well i do have two enclosed landscaping trailers.. it would just be a pain to move all the eq in them.. i just need a cheap open one for myself.. i've seen some on ebay as well for like 500, not sure how "good" they are though.
Like I said it has been awhile. It is a good trailer. You could buy it or another and write it off as an business expense. I like the enclosed trailers for security of both my babies. I would recommend enclosed. You are only allowed to buy what your budget can afford.. Me I'm saving to buy another enclosed trailer.
Here is Lowe's(haven't quite figured out how to do the picture thing)
it is a single axle and under 3200.00 sorry for the high price in the first reply.

INFO from website
Due to some state licensing restrictions models may not be available in all stores Carry-On
6' x 12' Enclosed Highway Trailer

Item #: 53893 Model: 6X12LCGR
Because product availability varies by area, please enter your local zip code to see item availability.
Zip Code:
1,720 lb. payload capacity
Rear ramp door loading style
15" tires
Side door included
Due to some state licensing restrictions models may not be available in all stores

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Check out these trailers.
They also stand up when not in use, so it dont take up alot of room.
cool, thanx a ton guys, thats good info
There are several posts regarding inexpensive trailers in this forum somewhere,maybe in the archived section. I think grendelsarm asked about this same topic some time ago,but im not sure if its in the new forum or the old one. maybe someone can post a link to it(i would if i knew how).
Good Luck
Or search the used market. I found my like new enclosed 6'x12' with rear ramp for $2K. I added E strips and Condor chocks, it is DA KINE now. Before that I had a slick little single rail I upgraded with a non skid floor and longer ramp. Trailered like a champ. Sold to a pal for $150. A little touchy loading it but I think if I had a Condor chock on it that would have solved all that. BTW, putting one of those on any trailer is the bomb, you simply roll your bike (ride up with enclosed trailer) up and into the chock and get off. Your bike is secure and you can then strap it down. Make sure you strap the front wheel down to the chock.

Condor is one model of chock there is also the Baxley. Both are good, I would like to try the Baxley if there was a next time. I looked at it but they kind of turned me off at first with their preaching.
The Kendon's are the best open bike trailers. Get the 2 bike version, which you can put 1 bike and a ton of gear on.

I had a Harbor Feight, self made $280 trailer, was ok for close tracks/occassional use. Then I found a used Kendon, bought it sight unseen.

Enclosed are better, as long as you have a place to store them.
For a low cost open trailer I bought one of these http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=42709
added a 3/4" peice of plywood; coated it with brush-on bedliner and added tiedowns. Works great for what it is.
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