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I've recently been experiencing problems where my SF 1098 will stick at 4000 RPMs once I exceed that RPM speed when accelerating. It will also stick at that speed when idling, but will idle at 1300 RPMs when the bike restarts. I was able to pin point the problem by myself to a part called the stepper motor. I'm thinking the stepper is faulty and gets stuck open, which results in an open throttle from what I've read from the shop manual.

I've also purchased a used stepper motor from Ebay and switched out the part, because a new stepper motor is ridiculously expensive. (this did not work, maybe the used part was faulty as well)

I recently took it to my local Ducati dealer to run some diagnostics on the bike, and they did confirm that the stepper motor is faulty and the used was may have been faulty as well since it was used.

The Ducati mechanics told me I could either purchase a new stepper motor or bypass the stepper motor by plugging up the main air inlet to the stepper motor. When doing this, they said I would have to blip the throttle in order to keep the bike from shutting off. I tried completely plugging it up, and It would drop the RPMs, so that was solved.

But I would have to blip the throttle so much and so quickly or the engine would cut off completely. This made it very annoying to the point that it was impossible to sit at red lights, because if I forgot to blip the throttle once, the bike would stall.

Do you guys think I'm plugging up the stepper motor wrong? Because the Ducati mechanics told me many people do this and were very confident when they told me this option. I would see where this option would be perfect for the track, since I would constantly be on the throttle, but not for commuting.

Or do you think I should just buy the new stepper motor? The only thing that is holding me back from buying the new stepper motor is that it is $600 USD and you can not return it since it is an electrical part.
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