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Ducati Strada C3 jacket

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Does anyone here own a Ducati C3 Strada jacket? I'm looking for any feedback anyone can provide before I purchase one.
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I have the C3 Strada jacket and pants. I have been very happy so far. It may be a little warm on summer days with the inner jacket removed with only the front pocket vents to bring air through; however, short of using a full mesh jacket I believe any jacket is going to be warm in summer. With the inner jacket I have been warm when riding in cooler temperatures. I have not had to use my electric jacket. The pants have a quilted liner and I have not used yet as my legs seem to stay warm without the liner.

Fit is more European and I had to go up in size with jacket and pants.

I have not ridden it in a rain storm so I cannot attest to the gortex holding out a significant amout of rain. I have only been in some slight showers and it seems to hold up well in those conditions. The same with the pants.

I did add the back protector.


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