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We are talking about street bikes here. A typical Japanese I-4 superbike is tuned very much for top end performance - the torque curve rises almost all the way to redline. So yes, it might make 160 hp...****but you CAN'T use it on the street***.

Do you know how fast you are going if you take a ZX-10 to redline in FIRST gear? Almost exactly 100 mph. And if you actually use all of the power in first gear (i.e., actually keep the throttle wide open) you will loop the bike for sure.
My 999R is geared for about 60MPH at redline in first gear, and it will often see such RPM, and at WOT. When I'm in the Alps, with a 20+% loss of torque and HP due to altitude, and I'm trying to pass a tourist buss between hairpins, the difference between my SS and 999R is quite evident.

Also, you can only make a torque comparison if the gearing is identical, otherwise it is meaningless. It is rear wheel torque that counts, NOT crankshaft torque, and rear wheel torque depends on primary drive ratio, gear ratio, and final drive ratio.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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