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a buddy of mine is looking at a new 749s that is discounted for racers. So of course the bike will NOT come with any warranties. He ask for my opinion; I naturally said with any new bike, that's the ultimate benefit is having some type of warranty. But when I said this, I realized I didn't even do 1 warranty related item on my 04 749. So I ask him what's the discount cost and if it's a big difference, then it's really a toss up?

My friend said he can get a 749s for about 12.4K and it's full street form. So what do you guys think? good deal? or pay full MSRP?

And for sake of discussion, my friend is not a newbie. He's been riding forever and is a level IV at KeithCode. It's really a question of buying a new bike for a great discount, and really how often do we really use the warranty on our ducs anyway. because (knock on wood), I haven't on mine.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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