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After 3 weeks of driving my new 2018 Ducati V4S off the dealer showroom floor my transmissions output shaft seal started leaking oil. The bike spent 2 weeks at the dealer. They replaced the seal with a new one. After another 2 weeks the new seal failed and oil started leaking again. I have been in contact with Ducati of North America concerning this matter. I have provided them with full details including images. As of today 6/15/2019 I have to bring my bike back to the dealer to have it repaired once more. The lemon law is now going into effect. If the seal fails for a third time then Ducati must buy my bike back at the full price I paid.

This is the information I have provided to the dealership for the third seal replacement.

We’re dealing with one of three problems
  1. A defective seal, where possibly the chemical make-up of the seal is incorrect ultimately resulting in cracking or splitting under the applied conditions (friction, vibration, heat). Although, the fact that you mentioned you’ve never seen this problem before and that my bike has already destroyed two seals in 6 weeks likely means that perhaps it’s not the seal, but rather the output shaft itself. If it was a defective seal you would have likely seen this issue with other V4’s as well.
  2. The output shaft itself has a surface with defects in it, scratches, marring, roughness creating abnormal friction/heat causing seal failure.
  3. The transmission output shaft is out of round (machined incorrectly) or out of balance, either of which, would create an oscillation effect placing the seal under abnormal stresses for which it was not designed. You can test for this by removing the chain and sprocket and holding a straight edge next to the shaft while it’s spinning at different RPMs (this will test both a defect in shaft machining as well as unbalanced oscillation).

Pictures of failed seals and oil leaks
When I receive the second failed seal from the dealer I will take a photo and post.

PLEASE if you are having this SAME OIL leak issue PLEASE contact "Jacob Trump" from Ducati of North America (NA HQ)
Jacob Trump
Customer Service Manager
Ducati North America
448 E. Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
Phone 888-391-5446
Ducati Customer Service [email protected]
You can reference the case by John CASE: 00279651 [ ref:_00D0YYIYa._5001vxDz59:ref ]
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