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Ducati MS roll call (MAD Track day at VIR)

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Who's all going to the M.A.D. track days at VIR April 10th and 11th?

List: Bike Date Stay
NC Rick Tennis Ball green 748. 10&11 Lodge at VIR
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I will be there!!!....due to the untimelyness of an ugly electrical problem with my FZR400 and no time to get into it like I'd want to...I am bringing my Monster 900 as a last minute thing....be showing up around 4 or 5 on Sunday and staying at the Lodge Sunday night and Monday night!....also bringing my girlfriend to be my umbrella girl!!!

Hey Rick....I've been absolutely swamped at work....I have to call you tommorrow about chain and sprockets and to see if maybe you can bring em to VIR with ya?!?!?!?!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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