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Hi all,

i've read some post on the canbus and using arduino to have some information by this protocol.

thank's for all to explain and sharing your experience.

I've a ducati monster S4R 996 and i want to use the kline protocol to communicate with the ecu. Why using kline protocol kwp2000 (ISO 14230-4) ? it's because on this model, it's the way to communicate with the ecu. Fiat have created specifications which implements kwp 2000 protocols . We can found it on the web like using

fiat standard diagnostic protocol using kline kwp2000
Controllo motore marelli con 59F - 5AF APPLICAZIONE Fase 3 Fase 4 / EOBD / EXTRACEE

or i can send it to you if you pm me.

We must use

The frame is different if you don't use an elm 327 bluetooth because you must respect a specific format.

My first goal is to show eobd error on a screen.
So, to make that i must use the readdiagnostictroubleCodes service which is being describes as below :


in fact, you just send a packet an ehaxdecimal like

1800FF00 to show all error message.

If you have a good answer, the frame must be like that
1800FF00 5803033524048044017064

For explanation :

1800FF00 is an echo

58 : 18 + 40 = answer of the 18 prompt - 40 is an ok answer
03 numbers of default
0335 24 = P0335: Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction
0480 44 = P0480 Cooling Fan 1 Control Circuit Malfunction
0170 64 = P0170 Fuel Trim Malfunction (Bank 1)

24 44 et 64 are the status code ( available, intemittent)

And now the explanation for the global frame ( if we not using elm bluetooth)


Frame 8210F1213CE0

Headers 82 (2= nb de word commande) 10F1(ECU 10 /testeur F1) 213C E0 = checksum(8210F1213C)

Do you have any idea to the material i must use to my project ?

i prefer teensy cards beacuse they are less exopensive, most powerfull.

If i succeed with this solution, i will try to use the canbus protocol with this ecu because you can find the two wire can + (20) and can - (29) wire on the scheme. But in reality, they don't be connected.


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