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Thought some of you might get a kick out of this. …Bikes in other countries. Specifically Ireland
Wife’s a Mick … so we visit the grandparents yearly (my kid’s Gaelic indoctrination trips).

Ducati Dublin
Dropped by to get a t-shirt and check their bikes out. They had no shirts and they joked I was the 20000th Yank in looking for a T-shirt, and they didn’t get it. They had hard core riding gear but had no idea how stateside dealers sell a lot of soft apparel, I showed them a couple of stateside websites and they were intrigued at the revenue & traffic potential.
They had at least 25 Ducs on the floor including one special one that they didn’t let me demo ride. The repair shop was a small simple space but gave me a ton of confidence, two manual lifts, two mechanics in their forties or fifties with Machinist aprons, one even had a mike in the pocket that was designed for one. Their Desmosedici @ 60K euro is about $87.5k US chimy-changa.

Irish Super bike series, Mondello Speedway, open track days
Who would think Super Bike Racing in Ireland!
My In-laws moved from Dublin proper to Kildare County just west of Dublin. I go outside to the car one morning and can hear wicked bikes in the distance, grabbed my two boys and followed the sound. Blew off the wife and local castle tour we’ve been to a million times and had the best day at a track without a bike ever. Even caught a glimpse of a sports bra. These guys were friendly and a blast. At lunch they shut down and we were bustin laughin … everyone’s lunch was the same, a thermos with tea, one cold cut sandwich and biscuits. (cookies)

Wacky Circus looking Sport Tourers
Cops in Ireland are called Garda (Garda Schiocana = Protectors of the Peace). Haven’t had time to look up these Yamaha’s but they seemed small and almost scootery.

With total luck I did get to ride a Triumph Speed Triple for about an hour out in the Curragh (grasslands west of Dublin, golf, K Club and race horses) and was wacked with the wrong side of the road drivin and the round a bouts (traffic circles).
In all we met a 1098, (a woman of beauty from Italy was on it) saw three 748-9’s, a few Ducs at the track, and two ST-? in Dublin and an odd Monster here and there. There were all sorts of small to med CC daily drivers in all aspects of repair on the road, we even saw an ol’ timer kick start his old spoke wheeled Kawi!



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