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just bough a Diavel site unseen from the UK and I imported it to Portugal.

The bike came with aftermarket oxford grips, which OK and I do not mind at all. What I do mind is the lazy job that they did installing them,

It seems that these bar end caps are not meant for the oxford grips (or even the originals) there is a visible gap.

The left grip is not secure at all, it rotates, with little effort.
The trothle grip has so much slop.

Here is a link to a video, of me showing the both

Riding agressively is very insucure with this, the throotle slop, its annoying, and with the left grip like this, I can never seem to brake hard and corner with confidence, even using all the force on my hips.

I've been researching and It seems like the slop can be removed with ducati spacers , Should I use the 1199 version ?

Also, what bar ends to do you recommend with this ?

Any general advice would be welcome.
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