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I recently bought a new headlight assembly and new foot pegs from Paul. I was lucky enough to meet with Paul in person while he was on vacation in Tahoe and he did the instal for me(best 12 pack investment ever).

I don't ride in the dark too often but on trips, it was a real bummer knowing that as soon as the sun was down-I was up the creek with the factory lights. Mine were TERRIBLE. Not only were the extremely dark at night, they also didn't make me very visible during the day. I can see a huge difference, obviously at night and eve during the day. I flash the brights in broad daylight and reflective signs WAY in the distance light up.

If you have been thinking about this upgrade-think no longer. They aren't cheap but being seen, and being able to see is priceless....

Also, bought the adjustable foot pegs. My right knee would get sore after a long day of riding in the factory position. No longer... The pegs are extremely well built and easy to adjust while on the go.

Just thought I'd pass along some info to anyone looking at some of the same upgrades.
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