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Ducati Demo Day

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Thought I'd let folks know that on May 6th, Fay Meyers is going to have the Ducati Demo Truck at their store for demo rides. They are suppose to have bikes from all of their lines to try out.
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RocketJohn said:
You can go down any week of the year, Tues-Sat and test ride any Ducati you want at Erico Motorsports... why wait for one weekend a year? :confused:
I got to Fay Meyers at 11 am hoping to ride a 749 and was told there was only one ride available: a Multistrada at 3 pm! I guess next time I'll show up at 4 am and get in line.

"You can go to Erico and ride one any day of the year, why wait??" BEACUSE...you said it yourself..."Erico Motorsports"...Where the men are men and the cows are scared!!!!!! Did you not read that they so screwed up a bike that Ducati had to replace the bike?????!!!!
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