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I got this from Tom Dressler,Vice President of MAD-Ducati....
TomD. said:
Hello all,
I've been talking with Vicki SMith about Ducati Day Daytona, and her'es what's
going on. It sounds like it will be fun, if not a bit whacky.
I met and spoke with Billy Lane in DC. He's a Ducati fan and former 996 owner
and looking for a 999 right now. He'll likely show up also.


Ducati Day Daytona is March 10th.
This year Riders for Health is doing a charity auction so LOTS of MotoGP donated
memrobilia, the motor sound contest judged by the Club Roma, Ducati university
and the of course, the bike show - There's even a custom class that encourages
choppers to enter in the bike show.
The website is http://www.ducatidaydaytona.com
Neil Hodgson and Ben Bostrom will both be there and Neil in particular like
choppers, can you believe it? :)

The Orange County Chopper guys are looking for a green frame (they have to get
in line, and the Leiper's Fork guys are bringing a pretty cool Duc powered bike
to the party.
I guess we all pretty much like anything with two wheels huh? :)
while I look forward to seeing pictures from this event....I am sorta scared to see what a fiasco this will turn into with OCC building something for the event and Billy Lane in attendance....2 wheels is 2 wheels to alot of riders...but alot of the chopper crowd doesn't look at it that way....so I sense some dissention in that attending crowd...but maybe I am just being pessimistic?

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The green frame is in reference to 1974 750 SS with green frame - Often called Green Frame.

See you there - There should be ~30 of us from the Central FL Ducati Group attending - http://ducati.meetup.com/13/

What's encouraged is if you have a Duc engine in something other than a Duc frame, then bring it, there is a class for them.

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i went over friday morning, it was really packed. they had a nice display of new bikes, and had a few older ducati's as well. the organizers were trying to keep things rolling with a fashion show, etc. there were so many people there i could not locate any of the central florida group, so i stayed a couple of hours and left. there were lots of people comming and going, and the parking lot was full of beautiful ducati's. i spent an hour in the parking lot, along with a lot of other people.
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