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Hello everybody!
I am new the forums, as I just became a Ducati owner. I had a 1966 C10 renovation project that I traded for a 2007 800SS. I feel it was a very fair trade and if anything I got the better end of the deal. The bike is in really good condition except for a few minor cosmetic details... the previous owner had tipped it over in storage. The result was a bent clutch lever with some scuffed and crack fairings, there is also some minor rust accumulating that will be an easy dust off. Which brings me to why I am here; I am looking for some insight/wisdom as to the compatibility of parts for my 800. I am finding very little, if anything for replacement fairings and levers for my model year; seems to be an odd one out. Anyways, happy to be here and stoked to be Ducati owner!
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