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Ducati branded top case question

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If my research is accurate, the Ducati branded top case . . .

1) Is made Givi and is a MonoKey such that any of their other Monokey cases will fit the mount as well as the one Ducati sells.

2) I am pretty certain the Ducati branded case comes with a Givi mount that has two frame rails that run under the seat and add additional support to the luggage rack itself. I like this much better than just a clamp on bracket that holds the top case but offers no additional support. The question is how to source this bracket WITHOUT buying the Ducati top case it comes with. I would rather have a low profile Dolomiti case from Givi and strap something on top of it if needed than have any of the huge, ugly top cases that I reluctantly admit to having used in the past. My local dealer says they cannot get the bracket without the case. Anyone know where to buy one?

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Another option would be to source a Givi compatible rack from Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories. Then choose which ever top case you like.
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